Black panther who tries to help her friends and likes thieving


Name: Adara
Class: Thief
Gender: Woman
Hair/Eyes: Raven black fur with soft shades of dark blue. Clear blue eyes.
Height/Weight: 180 cm, 73 kg
Appearance: 8
Level: 3
Development points: 800
Development points unused: 54
Actual: 355 _______Next: 375
“Creation points” saved: 1


Agility: 10 _________Bonus: 15
Constitution: 8 ___Bonus: 10
Dexterity: 10______Bonus: 15
Strength: 7________Bonus: 5
Intelligence: 10____Bonus: 15
Perception: 9______Bonus: 10
Power: 10__________Bonus: 15
Willpower: 7_______Bonus: 5


The Gift 2cp
Superior Mana Regeneration 3cp
Ambidextrous 1Cp

Racial advantages
Acute Sight
Field learner: Athletics +5
Full night sight

Easily possessed 1cp
Severe phobia: The Empire 1cp
Susceptible to drugs 1cp

Racial Disadvantages
Racial Vice Drug Roots.

Physical Abilities.

Base: 8
Special: –
Actual: 8

Base: 10
Final: 10
M/Turn: 115

Life Points.
N° Multiple: -
Base: 110
Class: 15
Multiples: -
Final LP: 125
Actual: 125

Base presence______40 -
Disease_____________40_____Constitution_____10______________________ 50
Psychic_____________40_____Willpower_________5 ______________________ 45

Base________20_______ 20____20____20 ____20

Primary Abilities.


( 2) Attack
Base: –
Dexterity: 15
Class: -
Final: 15

(3) Block
Base: –
Dexterity: 15
Class: -
Final: 15

Base: 100
Agility: 15
Special: -
Class: 15
Final: 130

Attack_____Defense_____Base Damage_____ Str Bonu_____Final damage _____Special
______________________________40_______________ 5 _______________45
Speed_____Fortitude_____Breakage_____Presence_____Primary atkTyp__Secondary atk type


Magic accumulation
Base MA: 10
Multiples: -
Special: x4 (SMR3)

Base Zeon: 300
Class: -
Special: -
Final: 300
Actual: 300

Magic projection
Base: –
Dex bonus:

Path Level
Creation: _______________Destruction:
Light: ___________________Darkness:
Essence: ________________Illusion:

Secondary Abilitys
_____Acrobatics____Agility____10_________15_______15 ________________40
_____Athleticism___Agility____10_________15 _______15 ________________40
_____Climb_________Agility____30_________15 _______15 ________________60
_____Jump_________Strength__10_________5 _______15 ________________30
_____Ride__________Agility_____5__________15_______15 ________________35
_____Swim_________Agility_____5__________15_______15 ________________35

_____Composure__Willpower_____________ 5_________________________ -25
_____Feats of Str___Strength _____________ 5_________________________ -25
_____Withst. pain Willpower_____________ 5_________________________ -25

_____Notice Per 10 10 30 15 65
_____Search Per 5 10 30 15 60
_____Track Per 1 10 11

_____Animals Int 1 15 16
_____Appraisal Int 20 15 35
_____Memorize Int 15 -15
_____Herbal lore Int 1 15 16
_____History Int 15 -15
_____M Appraisal Power 1 30 31
_____Medicin Int 5 45 50
_____Navigation Int 15 -15
_____Occult Int 1 15 16
_____Sciences Int 15 -15

_____Intimidate Willpower 5 -25
_____Leadership Power 1 15 16
_____Persuasion Int 1 15 16
_____Style Power 1 15 16

_____Disguise Dexterity 15 -15
_____Hide Per 40 10 15 65
_____Lockpicking Dexterity 60 15 75
_____Poisons Int 1 15 16
_____Theft Dexterity 80 15 30 125
_____Stealth Agility 110 15 10 15 150
_____Trap lore Per 3 10 15 28

_____Art Power 15 -15
_____Dance Agility 1 15 16
_____Forging Dexterity 1 15 16
_____Music Power 15 -15
_____Sl of hand Dexterity 1 15 15 31

Rope 30 feet.
Small bags x5

Special objects:
A big book written in an unknown language.
A book about a Young Casanova, it contains secrets to learn the illusion school. Currently Umberto is borrowing it. It could fetch a high price from noble ladies because of its “erotic” contents.
The life and saga of Alta Travis

Gold: 4
Silver: 52
Copper: 20



”The friends I travel with hmm? ”

She gives you a soft cocky smirk.

”Was it our divine margay that drew your attention, Or the large wandering rhino in famous amour? ”

The Black Panther leans back in her chair, the smirk still remains.

“My memory is a bit foggy, A drink might freshen it up~?”

The comment is followed by a soft giggle.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m only pulling your tail, I’m not one of those kind whom need a little something for every deed. I’ve never been to fond of the flavor of that murky water anyway.”


“So, Curious about the young beauty of a kitten? I wouldn’t try your luck there. She may look sweet but she has quite the mind in getting things the way she wishes. ”

The panther rolls her blue eyes, barely visibly under the hood.

“I should know. I wish I would learn, But at the same time, she’s very young to be traveling around like this, I’ve always seen her as someone who needs protecting, I suspect ‘He’ saw it that way as well. ” She scoffs a bit. “ And now she has taken to the ways of the bow. Learning how to swiftly defend herself from a distance. ”

Adara leans in, motioning for you to lean forward.

“ Lets keep this between us, A few years with experience and she will grow into something stunning with the confidence to lead others. I just hope she will become the kind of leader who takes care of her own.”

She leans back again and takes a sip from a small bottle covered in cloth, a soft sweet fragrance is scented.


“Leraw? Hmm… What can I say. He’s not really a mystery, but he does have a hard time opening up to strangers. Unless they are competent sparring opponents, that is. Then you are soon challenged to a round. He has been training with Bull since we where all toddlers. I would watch them spar since I came to… well, I’ve done it for quite some time. He has always tagged along with us, that silent companion, yet I know I can trust him if the situation calls for it, Well in most cases at least. ”

A soft yet sad smile passes over her face.

“We where close to loosing him once. He and bull had gone ahead in a dangerous place without the rest of us. From what I understood, Leraw didn’t notice the attack from above. ”

She is silent for a while, playing with one of her claws a bit absentmindedly.

“ We dragged his lifeless body to the side, I managed to find a pulse, he was at the brink of death. And so with my ‘Talents’ that you know of… I used a raw version to pour my life into him. The chilling feeling as your head takes harm from nowhere and you feel the life seep out of you. ”

Adara stops up for a while. Looking down at her claws and then up at you with a warm smile.

“ But it succeeded. It saved him. I think the whole experience of one of our friends being close to death shook us all. And amongst the turmoil, he never got to know. He still doesn’t know. Honestly, He doesn’t need to, I’m happy he’s still alive. But some days I wonder how he would react to the reality of how frail we all truly are. In combat he is always in control and emotionally untouched. It’s a good strength to have when in battle.“


“ I know the bard singing there yes, his names Umberto. ”

Adara smiles widely, with a warmth in her eyes.

“He’s a good friend of mine, It would always be him, Bull and I in the mornings when we where young. Eating fresh apples after Bulls training. He has a big heart, and a bit naïve. I don’t mind that, friends like him are hard to find. I understood at young age that he has ‘Talents’ like mine but he didn’t figure it out until I offered him a… Delightful book and told him strait to his face of it. He seemed embarrassed back then, I truly don’t know why. ”

She shrugs and chuckles a soft hearty laughter.

“ It doesn’t matter, I think its good, gave him time to develop his amazing talent with music! He’s also quite potent in battle with a sword and shield. Able to defend from attacks with great endurance. At times it would have been nice if he was a fast runner but hey, one cant be good at everything. If he ever has to brave hell then I will be there to watch his back, as I know he would watch mine. ”


“The one in the massive amour is Bull, Son of Frank. However he only recently remembered that. He’s a really good friend of mine, always ready to stand and fight for his friends. A brave heart always striving to achieve what is morally right. However his solutions are often very impulsive and only in the present. He is a daring man who believes he is invulnerable, Witch he is with that legendary Exuberwolf. However that will one day get the rest of us maimed or killed… ”

She sighs as she takes another sip from the sweet smelling liquid. Shaking her head in dismaye.

“His quick solutions saved something greater, at the cost of his memories, All of them at first.”

Her eyes are distant as she avoids your gaze.

“I tried to help him out, I failed him as a friend there pretty much, it was the same cavern as when I gave life to Leraw. Between the pain, the depression and the impact that I had lost part of a friend. It was a bit to much for me back then. Thankfully the others had the energy to remind him about his routines and such. He has gained a few memories since then, meditation, fragments of his work routine, his father. And then when we came back home he even got the shock of the murder that gem had committed through his vessel. ”

By now Adara sits there with her hand covering her forehead and eyes.

“He if anyone doesn’t deserve this. Hell, He deserves a better friend than I, one whom he feels he can trust. ”

She sits there in silence for a few minutes.

“If I had a way to restore his memories, I would try, I would do it. But so far I’ve found none. Though even without his memories, He has a good soul and tries his best”

“Truly valuable.”


“Barbosa…? How do you know that name? I’d rather not speak of him. He is a brute, but a smart one. Cold and calculating. The only thing he remotely cared about was Maggie, The rest of us where bullied, except for Bull because of his raw strength.
He was like a bigger brother for Maggie, but she turned an arrow at him when he wanted to proceed to kill a bandit whom had surrendered. Ye know what, If you want to know more about him, I would suggest you talk to Maggie instead. I spent several years as a kid trying to appease him and the only thing it got me was less harmful words.
Stupid me I say. ”


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